Two dogs, two personalities, and two chewies!

Dos ways to play this game:

(I just had to put that dos in, I am from Mexico, and that’s another story!!!)

The” this-way and that-way,” or the “my way and my way”, similar to what you may think is the “your way and your way.”

Mom, so sweet, so giving, what a dear, she tries. But she gets confused with the right chewy business. Does she understand this chewy business at all? Poor sweet darling.

Your chewy and my chewy? In actuality, your chewy is my chewy, and my chewy is my chewy.

Dearest gives us a  semi-chewed chewy each. She does not realize my chewy is not given to me but to “he.”

“He” chewy is given to me, humm. Somehow (I will have to ask the Universe about this).

We chew chewies for a while, but I am not happy, so I use my feminine wiles, I pout. “He” chews and chews to the point of irritating me.  Ah, ha! The chewy falls from the bed (the best spot to chew chewies). “He” gives it a  lazy terrier stare, and I take the Deer Chihuahua lunge (check out why they call me the Deer Chihuahua). No way, Jose, it is mine now!

Anyhow, the lazy terrier gazes and evaluates at what I did, snagging his chewy for no apparent reason (he thinks). The guy is smart, just lazy…I love him.

It’s my chewy. “He”  goes to the “he” chewy, given to me which is still on the bed, and gives it one big chewing go. He’s a guy; he will give it up for his BDF, me! We are BDF forever, but seriously, he is not very picky about whose chewy is whose chewy; it’s sibling domination in these episodes.

It ended well, Mr. Daddy came home, and I dropped my chewy and flew from the bed to the door. (As I mentioned earlier, check out Deer Chichuachua abilities) “He” did a ramble-hop to the door. SHHH, he’s wimpy…oh, I mean lazy.

Mr. Dad,…. He’s smarter than he thinks we think he thinks. (sometimes I get confused).  He placed the chewies on the top of the bureau. We know where they are, but right now, we are in our family mod: hugs, kisses, belly rubs, tossing toys, and more.

While he is settling in from work, we check out the bureau’s top, to where he smuggles our chewies. Our noses are in the correct direction of the chewies using our perfect canine scent….. The bureau, I got it. Hey, “he,” you got it? Yea and Mom will get it for us tomorrow. Sibling rivalry abounds! Yipee. Manana.

Love to all of you chewy lovers, THE END.

Pasha, authoress

Zoomer,  BDF

About the author : Bettina Carroll

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