Meet the founder of Jewels Fur Paws, Bettina Carroll-Pratt, as well as her biggest inspirations for this business, Pasha (left) and Zoomer (right). While on vacation in Santa Barbara, Bettina envisioned a way to accentuate Pasha’s sweetness and femininity with a beautiful accent necklace, but her search efforts with the local boutiques and artist shops were fruitless.

From this experience, the wheels started turning for Bettina. With her love for animals, artistic passion to design and create unique accessories, and the desire to give back to the community, Jewels Fur Paws was created.

Bettina’s love for animals started at a young age when she received her very first dog, Ginger, as a gift from her uncle. From that moment, Bettina always had a dog in her life. Her love for her fur babies inspires and enlightens her vision when creating pieces that will not only express each animal’s personality, but ensure they are comfortable while wearing a Jewel Fur Paws necklace.

Bettina does what she can to give back to her community with an awareness that there is always more we can do to help one another. So, it’s only natural that Bettina decided to donate a portion of the Jewels Fur Paws profit from each sale to animal shelters and rescue organizations.